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For our many customers who are interested in historical replica items below is a list of links to companies who also cater for re-enactors museums, schools, and general history enthusiasts


Please note that  while we have included these links in good faith Reiver Trading cannot accept responsibility for the content of external web sites.



Medieval Art and Woodcraft

Art and carpentry reproductions and historicaly inspired originals.


Busy Mole Music

Specialist suppliers of early musical instruments, recorded music and sheet music and makers of small harps and lyres.


Helen Cox - History writing and interpretation


The Merchant Venturers

Historical replica glass and other items


Trinity Court Potteries

Iron Age to 18th Century replica ceramics


Guild of Saynt Luke

Printed and drawn medieval replicas on paper and parchment.

All items are either based on originals or adaptations using appropriate graphic elements from the specific time frame and region.



A directory of all things to do with re-enactment including societies, events and suppliers

Weapons Arms and Armour


Derbyshire Historic Arms

Makers of  period firearms for re-enactors, shooting enthusiasts, Museums,

TV, Theatre companies and Collectors.


Cap a Pie

Suppliers of Authentic Medieval Maille



Cloaked and Daggered

Handmade cloaks and historical costume.


Sally Pointer

Silk or wool stockings and knitted hats to order also early perfumes & cosmetics, herbs & potions  and books


SJ Seamstress

Authentic reproductions of historical clothing for Re-Enactors, Historical Enthusiasts


Real History Hire

Workshops and costume hire for schools